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When you're settled in Seattle you're Seattled​ 



Elke was a great support for my move to Seattle. I was coming from France for 1 year and she was able to help me before I arrived to look at some apartments - giving her opinion on neigborhoods in Seattle and on the East side - and to find a hotel and rental car for the first days. Upon arriving I met her and she very kindly gave me advise on activities in the area, the sports teams, the grocery shops and other very useful daily information. Elke gives a lot of useful information and helps you to settle easily! 

Ondine, from France to Seattle, November 2014


Besides the fact that it's very convenient to have a contact on site before arriving, Elke took time to target precisely my expectations and my plans (for the house, the commute to work) and gave me relevant advice. She then provided me with the detailed processes for all the administrative tasks (bank account, SSN, drivers licence) which helped me a lot to get settled quickly.

Pauline, from France to Seattle, December 2014


Elke provided wonderful help to my family with our move from the US to Germany. She had a wealth of knowledge in how to prepare and research our new location. She has fantastic organisational skills and lists of what one needs to think about when preparing for an international move. Her experience of multiple moves to new countries, and transitioning children was most helpful.  She went above and beyond in helping us navigate the German schools, contacting ALL the schools in our new area to find the right one with an opening.  Her assistance helped me feel much more prepared to relocate knowing I had a head start on the process, and the support of a seasoned ex-pat.  She offered very thoughtful responses to my many concerns of our school options while supporting us through the inevitable "second guessing" that happens in such a move. Naturally, Elke's multilingual skill is a great asset in helping people from all over.  And her awareness of dealing with local government agencies and utilities gave us a step up in knowing what to expect. Elke followed up after we left, monitoring our transition while standing ready to help us navigate unforeseen issues and concerns.

Barbara and Jeff, from Seattle to Stuttgart, September 2014

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