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When you're settled in Seattle you're Seattled​ 

Get Seattled


I founded Get Seattled with the philosophy that a little help can go a long way. And, after coming a long way, a little help is just what everyone needs.


Over the past years I’ve lived and worked in Munich, London, and Paris. Successful companies and employees have a global perspective and it’s increasingly common for families to experience an international way of life. 


I’ve worked in media, finance, and insurance where I specialized in health insurance for expatriates. For the last five years, I helped people moving and living abroad to obtain the right kind of health insurance for themselves and their family. In 2012, my family and I moved to Seattle and I immediately fell in love with the place! It offers everything one can think of - from a vibrant cultural scene to a breathtaking combination of water and snow-covered mountains that still takes my breath away.


I’ve truly enjoyed the opportunities to discover, explore, and enjoy life that Seattle offers. Working in German, English, French, or Spanish my goal is to make your Seattle experience as exciting and stress-free as possible ... from the day you arrive to the day you finally feel “Seattled”.

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