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When you're settled in Seattle you're Seattled​ 

Seattle Orientation 


Come away with essential Seattle. Whether you’re considering a move to Seattle, or you're newly arrived, a Get Seattled orientation tour provides an invaluable overview of the city.


This private driving tour will familiarize you with Seattle’s layout and its most important commercial and residential districts. We’ll cover schools, shopping, restaurants, medical facilities and recreation, and you’ll have an opportunity to view suitable housing options in appropriate neighborhoods. Along the way you’ll see some of Seattle’s most beautiful sights and you’ll be encouraged to ask questions as you get the inside scoop on day-to-day life in the city.


Did we mention that these tours are fully customizable, so that you can spend your time exploring the areas and issues that are most important to you? But don’t worry if you’re too busy to prepare ahead of time. You’ll come away from this tour knowing what’s most important about life in Seattle.

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