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When you're settled in Seattle you're Seattled​ 

Childcare and Schools


Seattle is famously child-friendly, so when it comes to caring for and educating your child the wealth of options can be overwhelming.


To begin, Get Seattled can provide an overview of the U.S. educational system, the types of schooling available and how they compare to foreign systems. We’ll help you identify the nurseries and/or schools that fit your child best, and then guide you through the admissions process, whether it be helping fill out an application, or accompanying you on a tour. Once your child is enrolled in the right daycare or school, we’ll have fun introducing you to the amazing array of extracurricular activities on offer, from piano lessons to Lego-building clubs, to science camps and parkour.


Once your child is settled and flourishing, you can relax and take some time for yourself. Get Seattled can even help you find reliable babysitters, including French- and German-speaking providers.

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